on manic depressive blogging …

I went to the annual festival of torture known as "visiting the HR Block tax lady to file your taxes."  Here's the thing.  This year I got … A REFUND!!!  This, people, is UNHEARD OF!!!  I haven't gotten a tax refund in more than ten years.  Last year I owed an extra huge sum to both my lovely State AND the Federal Government AND the other lovely State that I used to live in and still have family business and rental income in.  I always pay and pay and pay.  So today is an amazingly happy day.  I got a refund from my fair State (which apparently will be an IOU for a while). I got a refund from the Federal government and I only had to pay $33.00 to my former lovely State. 


To celebrate, I came home and called Sling Media and paid for tech support so that I could fix my Slingbox and enable Internet viewing.  Eddie walked me through the process and now my Slingbox is happy again. 

Ahhhh …

The title to my post might not make sense since I have set a few of my more recent posts to myself or friends or family, but suffice it to say that some of my posts of late have been a tad less … errr … UPBEAT …

Happy Spring and happy weekend, everybody!!!

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