on keeping history alive …

I think that it is very important that we not lose our history.  We must remember, for history's sake, why the Bush Administration took us to war in Iraq … The original stated reason from the President's mouth to each of our ears, not the reason as re-visioned by the Bush Administration and the right-wing echo chamber.  Originally posted on the Daily Dish at The Atlantic Online.  I think that is is every patriotic American blogger's duty to re-post this every March until the history books get the record straight.  Not because I'm particularly patriotic, but mostly just because the only revenge available to me, at this point, for the Bush Presidency is for he and his Administration's legacy to be remembered for the horrible, mean spirited, incompetent, and misguided debacle that it was eight long years …

As the bumper sticker with the waving flag and the fallen towers says, "Never forget …"

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