on the douchebags of spring …

I'm ready for spring break.  Our kids are actually all pretty good, but I'm just tired and grumpy.  One kid in particular, however, has pretty much become a total douchebag and I'm over him.  I'm over his attitude and I'm over his fat pimply stupid face.  Things are complicated, though, because I know his mother and I see her everyday.  I want to bring the hammer down on his head, but I don't feel that I can so I have to go on pretending that this spoiled ass wipe of a young man is all sweetness and goodness when I talk to her. The reality in my head, however, is that I secretly hope that he gets run over by a big yellow school bus.  I mean, seriously, I'm OVER this kid.  It is at times like this that I realize that the school year is very intelligently designed.  Just when the adults in a school are about to kill the youngsters in their charge, they send us away for two weeks.  Spring break is not wasted time.  It is protection against violence in schools!!! (For anyone reading this who has no life and therefore is inclined to be one of those people who spend a lot of time fretting about offhanded things that people post in their blogs, this post is meant to be humorous … or angry I guess … But basically, I'm not really going to throw anyone under a bus or hit anyone with a hammer). 

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