on $700,000,000,000 …

Holy crap, that's a big number!!! An even bigger number is $11,300,000,000,000.  They both look a lot worse when you write them out with zeros instead of words like $700 billion and $11.3 trillion (Did I even get the number of zeros right in the $11.3 trillion?).  I think that we should make a new rule that when talking about the national debt, national debt ceilings,  the Federal budget, bail out packages, entitlement programs, and all the rest we should always write out the number with zeros so that Americans will get a better idea about how much of a hole the U.S. is in at this point in history.  Let's get real America we can't keep getting something for nothing.  It's time to raise taxes or cut spending or both, but we just can't keep living beyond our means.  I suppose that means cutting our standard of living, but then we've been living way beyond our real means for a heck of a long time so now we have to pay the piper … Big time!!!


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