on living in the third world …

Wow … It's really amazing to me that Americans are finally beginning to realize that while we pat ourselves on the back over being a super power, most of the rest of the industrialized world is busy enjoying their medical care and time to be with their families instead of working two minimum wage jobs at Walmart and MacDonalds. 

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my country, but living a life is about more than owning a lot of nice stuff.  As someone who has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to get out and travel the world a bit, it saddens me that a lot of Americans proudly proclaim that they've never been out of the country and lack of world travel experience can be marketed as a good thing in our political candidates.  When you travel and meet people from around the world, you realize that they might like Americans, but most of them our very happy and proud to be Peruvians or Spaniards or Brits or Aussies or whatever … And they DON'T WANT to become Americans.

We Americans seem to want to believe that everyone wants to be an American, but I've found that that there are Aussies out there, for example, who'd be terrified of the prospect of a life without sure access to medical care (I know … emergency rooms HAVE to treat everybody, but people who make that argument are truely stupidasses or incredibly self people …).  Hey America, it's time to wake up and smell the roses. 

Read this from the L.A. Times Opinion section — Hey U.S., Welcome to the Third World.  I suspect that it'll piss a lot of people off, but only because we now have no choice but to acknowledge it truth that it tells. 

And to those who will say, "Typical liberal drivel …" I say, "Yeah, well look at what right wing W. has let happen to our country … dumbass …"

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