on alan meltzer for president …

I'm not an economics guy, but I just heard this guy named Alan Meltzer on PBS News Hour talking about the $700,000,000,000 bailout and he seems to make the most sense of anyone I've heard talk about it.  I can't explain any of it with adequate accuracy so the PBS News Hour podcast is available here.

The more that I hear about this bailout, the more it makes me mad.  The reality is that by pushing this through, the Bush Administration will have succeeded in, basically, making the country bankrupt.  If it goes through, at this point, it won't matter who the next president will be.  Neither McCain nor Obama will be able to do a single thing that they've proposed in their platforms.  EVERYTHING will all have been spent by the Bush Administration.  The free marketists want free markets and more free markets … And now that it's gone south badly they don't want free markets … Like I said, I'm not a financial genius, but I suspect that I can tell when I'm getting screwed.  The more I hear about this plan, the more I feel like I'm getting screwed.

That's why I wish I could vote for this guy for President. 

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