the week in review…

This is my personal blog. Don’t read any more if you don’t like the F-word.. In this space, I’m gonna just say what I want to say.

I quit Facebook (for now at least).

I found out that quitting Facebook is a whole thing these days because elections happen and people who think we are smart and well informed were like. WTF? What the fuck just happened? At least half of the country is WAY different that I had thought and I had NO FUCKING IDEA…

I changed the windshield wipers on my car so I thought I was all way good at repairing stuff so I made a fucking hole in my kitchen that I don’t know how to fix.

Yep. Just fucking great…

I got a hair cut because I was really looking bad.

I got sick with some kind of new fucked-up version of the same cold I had two weeks ago.

A new Windows 10 update came through on my 6 year old Lenovo laptop and now I can get to my Windows desktop, but can’t open any web browsers. Thanks, assholes at Microsoft. I was recently all… “They’re not the evil empire anymore…” Yeah, fuck you guys. You’re assholes for breaking my stuff without asking (yeah and don’t fucking tell me that I should have read your 119 page terms of use window at 4pt font–Fuckers…).

My mom was sick and wasn’t eating so I had a really hard time sleeping which probably had a lot to do with getting sick.

My niece and her husband who were living in Hawaii decided to move back to Columbus, OH where they can both make more money and can buy houses in the nicest neighborhoods in Columbus for less than a condo or starter home in Honolulu. I’m happy for them, but my heart also broke a little… I changed that girl’s diapers. It is hard to see her move away…

I’m still depressed by the election. I kinda feel like the sentiment expressed in this Salon piece…

“Sore Winner” Syndrome: Why are Donald Trump’s Supporters Still so Angry? Abraham Lincoln Understood

(Credit: Reuters/Mike Segar/Salon)

They won the battle, but the war’s not over — and in their hearts they know they’ve surrendered to ugliness

It’s not surprising that the election of Donald Trump would cause an upheaval in civil society. The differences between the two visions of America that were presented in this campaign couldn’t be more stark, and it’s inevitable that they would play out beyond the political system.

Much of the unrest on the left has taken the form of protest marches and school walkouts, while the right is more inclined to drunken hooliganism, flying the Confederate flag and the like. This is America. We have free speech and a right to assemble, and regardless of how we feel about the “message” being sent by people on the other side, they have a right to say it.

But there also have been many reports of anonymous defacing of property with white power slogans and other racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic phrases. And there are now hundreds of stories of individual acts of bullying and even hate crimes coming from people who call themselves Trump supporters, aimed at fellow Americans they see as their enemies.

We could see this in the Trump rallies, of course. They bristled with resentment and barely repressed violence. And no one can possibly argue that the candidate didn’t use those dark emotions to motivate his followers. In a “60 Minutes” interview with Lesley Stahl, Trump admitted that he did that consciously. When Stahl pointed out that people are scared, Trump had to be coaxed to say this:

Don’t be afraid. We are going to bring our country back. But certainly, don’t be afraid…

Source: “Sore winner” syndrome: Why are Donald Trump’s supporters still so angry? Abraham Lincoln understood –


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