on the Easter jailbreak of 2015…

Mom and Mr. Lum. Easter 2015.

My mom, who now lives in a nursing home, wanted to go to church for Easter services so we planned for me to pick her up to go to the service which started at 9:00AM. When I pulled up to the facility, 15 Craigside, the parking lot was bustling and one of the parking lot attendants said, “Your mom is down here looking for you.” They wheeled mom out and she got in my car. The thing is that we usually park, sign in at the front desk in the lobby, go upstairs to the nursing floor, sign in as a visitor, sign my mom out for the trip, then reverse all of it before doing the transfer into the car. Mom being downstairs, therefore, was a bit unusual…

Mom, though, said, “I told them I was meeting you and I took my meds so we can go.” Hint: If you have a parent 89 years or older, when they tell you stuff that seems a little out of the ordinary, you should employ #Side-Eye.

We got to the church and mom was the belle of the ball. People greeted her warmly and the service was beautiful. After the service, we gathered in the meeting room for hospitality hour during which I got a text from my sister:

Yep, my mom broke herself out of the nursing home!

Long story short, we had a really great morning. Mom had a really good time seeing old friends. When we got back to 15 Craigside, every staff member greeted her jokingly as, “Holoholo Lady” and I had to apologize profusely and hang my head in shame a little. I’ll never really know for sure whether mom just got a little confused or whether she just wanted to assert some independence. I am a little suspicious that Holoholo Lady knew exactly what she was doing because when we returned, she was wearing her slightly sly smile. In fact, the more that I think about it, I’m convinced that she saw that there was a lot of activity in the facility, lots of residents and guest we’re going in and out of the nursing floor. There was an opportunity so she took it–Home Alone, style!!! LOL!

In the end, it was all worth it. Every day is an adventure to be lived!!!

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

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