things observed, things overheard in the city …

Observed: Women look normal in New York.  I think I get so immersed in “body beautiful” LA, that I forget what normal women look like.  Normal women are so beautiful!  So many women who work out at the LA Fitness where go have big, huge, plastic BAZOOMBAS that look like missiles.  I forget what actual real breasts look like (and realize, I’m not really a breast drooling kind of guy, you know?).  Mental note to self, “a six pack, and GINORMOUS breasts that look like pointy cones DO NOT EXISTS on the same body in nature.”

Overheard Outside of the Brooklyn Courthouse on the Way to the Gym with Women with Normal Breasts: “So … I was with a whole bunch of these guys and … someone got killed …”


T’was another fun day! Piece a pizza for lunch, hung out under a tree in Bryant Park, saw Bridesmaids for a second time, and had pan Asian food for dinner at a restaurant called Alpha.  The restaurant was WAY better than its name!

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