on toes and food…

It’s not much of a secret among people that I know, that one of my absolute favorite shows over the past few years has been The Middle.  One of The Middle’s most memorable plots was an episode that involved the mom’s consumption of toenails. LOL! That’s right! Toenails…

Well, while I didn’t eat toenails I have eaten toe spacer butter. See, my mom, like many Chinese mom’s wasn’t exactly a touchy, feely, huggy, “Oh I love you so much because you are my golden child” kind of mom. My mom showed her love for others and us through food. Food is love.

Now, even though my mom now lives in a nursing facility, she still finds ways to send her love through food. With every meal, mom gets foil wrapped pats of butter. She dutifully collects her pats of butter and compiles them in Ziploc baggies that she gifts to us regularly. “We paid for it so take this home…” Well, my husband, who now does all of the cooking graciously unwraps the pats of butter and cooks with it. This week, we got to the bottom of the baggie and this is what I found…

Hard to see, but yeah, those are toe spacers and a nail clipper...LOL!
Hard to see, but yeah, those are toe spacers and a nail clipper imparting extra flavor to my butter…LOL!

It’s a little hard to see, but we’ve been eating toe spacer and toenail clipper enhanced butter for the last three weeks or so! Don’t get me wrong everything was still delicious, but I just might check the baggies before I bring them home from 15 Craigside from now on!

I have to admit, it is still is nice to be able to get just a little bit of food that is love from my mom…

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