on target-ing the price of paradise …

Oh my! The take a look at the price of paradise these days!

Target Los Angeles:

Target Hawaii:

I should have bought the new tighty whitie undies I need in LA (or actually in NYC since the sales tax is lower there).

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2 thoughts on “on target-ing the price of paradise …

  1. How well I remember the same thing from the years I lived in the Keys. Gas prices too — the farther you go from the mainland, the higher the prices.I understand the problem, that it costs a lot to deliver there and they have to dead-head back because there's nothing from there to take back and sell in bulk to the rest of America, but, as Budd said, "Ouch" nevertheless!The Chamber of Commerce tried mightily to convince people it was all in our imaginations, that there wasn't really so much difference in prices, but come on.

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