on time to say goodbye …

It's been a truly wonderful time in Berlin and Prague.  Both are absolutely wonderful places, but it's time to go back "home." Tomorrow we'll be returning to the U.S. and we'll be in N.Y.C for five more days before really heading "home" to Lala Land and … sigh … back to work.

Today we went to see two amazing churches;strolled through some less crowded, but incredibly charming sections of the city; got caught in a rainstorm; had a fantastic final dinner with an amazing dessert of blueberries and vanilla ice cream; and came back to the hotel to pack it all in.  This is the very first trip abroad that I've ever taken that I am returning home without a single souvenir, but for some reason just the memories and my pictures seem like they're all that I want to take home …

1 Infant of Prague2 Infant of Prague3 Cool Car4 Crazy Church

5 Crazy Church6 Another Cool Car7 Crazy Dinner8 Delicious Dessert

Some things that this really wonderful trip has taught me:

  1. European men must have much better penis control than American men because every single public men's room, restaurant men's room, and even train restroom was absolutely spotless and didn't stink to friggin' high heaven like seemingly every men's room in America does.  What the hell is that about American men?  Your dick is what, like six, eight, ten inches from the urinal (depending on how tall you are … or how "manly" you are, I guess).  HOW THE HELL DO YOU GUYS MISS??? Newer urinals even have that little bee printed on the porcelain to keep your interest.  We can do better, guys … YES WE CAN!!!
  2. Europeans seemingly buy fewer goods and pay quite a bit more for the goods that they buy,  but the things the buy seem to be of very high quality.  Not too many "made in China" products on the shelves.  From what I can figure out they buy one expensive canvas rucksack that looks great, rather than going to the local Target and buying the cheap bag that's made in China, then buying another similar one the next week and the week after that (you know … the way that I tend to shop …)
  3. Germans make the friggin' best and heaviest pastries on the planet!  Go Deutschland!!!
  4. German food is friggin' heavy and friggin' delicious!!!
  5. The Czech people and the Czech economy are changing unbelievably quickly.  It's nice to see what appears (How much can you really know based on a three day visit???) to be a very fast growing and thriving middle class seeming to emerge.
  6. The German and Czech transportation infrastructure (airports, trams, subways, trains …) makes America's infrastructure look pitifully third class and third world …
  7. American cars are HUMONGOUS!!!
  8. Soda in Europe is friggin' expensive!  Why does my miniature sized Coke Lite or Pepsi Lite or water cost MORE then a huge stein of beer or glass of wine???  WTH???
  9. The American economy is really affecting American travel.  There are VERY FEW Americans walking the streets of Europe these days.
  10. Internet speeds are blazing fast in Germany and the Czech Republic!  Come on ATT DSL, Hawaiian Telcom DSL, and Time Warner Cable … You guys SUCK!!! A former Eastern Block, former Communist country is kicking your asses!!!  Time to do better!!!
  11. As much as I love Prague and the Czech Republic, I'm really happy to be American.  Holding my blue passport makes me proud … And happy … There's no place like home, huh?
  12. The clubs in Prague were pretty cool, but rave scene in Berlin is OFF THE CHARTS FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!!
  13. Regarding #12 … Just kidding … Checking to see if you were paying attention …

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One thought on “on time to say goodbye …

  1. Aside from enjoying the travelogue, I've learned something from this post. I did not know that newer urinals are decorated with bees…?? One per, right? Is it like a target or something? If it's a target, why is it a bee? Is this something all men tried to do when they were little boys and, if so, weren't there times when all it did was get the bee pissed off, instead of pissed on?So much I don't know about urinals.Just looking at some of the food pictures, I think I've gained a few pounds — I'd be hopeless if I were actually within eating distance of it.Glad you're having such a great trip, and thanks again for the updates – they're really fun to read!

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