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Gary D. Schmidt

Trouble—Gary D. Schmidt

Growing up, Henry’s dad has always told him that if you build your house far enough away from Trouble, then Trouble will never find you and Henry’s believed that all his life.  Henry’s family, after all, has lived in the quaint and quiet town of Blythbury-by-the-Sea since his ancestors settled in in the seventeenth-century.  It’s funny, though, how Trouble has a way of showing up which it does one night in the form of a pick-up truck that hits Henry’s older brother while he’s out for a jog.  Because the truck is driven by a young Cambodian boy who attends the same school as Henry’s brother, the incident sparks racial tension both at school and in the community at large.  In an effort to deal with his grief and anger, Henry decides that he must follow through on a hiking and camping trip that he and his brother had planned to make before the accident.  He sets off with his dog and his best friend to make the summit of Mt. Katahdin.  Henry discovers, however, that sometimes you just can’t outrun Trouble.  This is never more true then when Henry, his friend, and his dog hit then road only to have circumstances bring them together with the young Cambodian who was the start of it all.  This is a GREAT read!

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