on my life as happy bunny …

Everybody is irritating me!  June better get here quickly or I'm going to FREAK!!!  I'm finding that I'm even having trouble being nice to the nice people.  I'm sick of helping other people which is kind of problematic since it is MY JOB to help other people.  I just originally didn't realize that the people that I am paid to help would be so … errr … FRIGGIN' USELESS!!! 

Paycheck whore that I am, I usually have it in me to suck it up and give my service with a smile (In a manner not so different than, Hop Sing of Bonanza fame …), but with all the stuff going down at the same time where I work, the smiley facade has morphed into the SNARKY MEAN GUY facade. 

I have come to realize that I am, indeed, the real life embodiment of Happy Bunny …

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