on everything that i eat in a day …

So this is my running list of stuff that I've eaten today:

Raisin bran



Super Big Gulp Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

Decaf with half-and-half and artificial sweetener

It is only 7:33 and my list of stuff already looks kind of gross.  It looks a lot worse when you see it written down than when you are actually consuming it

As of 11:32:

5 Sun Chips

2 Whole wheat pretzel sticks and a few pieces of bar mix

3 Peanut MnMs

Disclaimer: Today's menu looks even worse than normal.  My boss bought us lunch today so at 2:50:

Ruben sandwich with sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing

Steak fries

Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookie

Diet Coke

2 more whole wheat pretzel sticks

As of 6:08:

N.O. Explode (nutrition supplement)

Protein shake with milk

As of 8:03:

Small serving of fusilli pasta, two meatballs in red sauce

Organic spring greens

6oz lite strawberry yogurt

OMG!  I eat a lot!!!

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4 thoughts on “on everything that i eat in a day …

  1. Given that I put all kinds of other horrible chems into my body, you'd think that it wouldn't matter much to me, but I as I have have disturbingly high blood pressure (I take meds for it) my doctor wanted me to try cutting out caffeine. When I finally cut the caffeine out, I had horrible withdrawal headaches for three days and I decided that something that makes me feel that bad CANNOT be a good thing. I know that, that is totally random given that I eat Twinkies, but that's the way my brain works.

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