on fat pants …

I had to get my fat pants out of the closet this morning. 

I've been on a bit of an eating fest since the beginning of Thanksgiving week.  S/O left for a trip on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and I started this Morgan Spurlock-like fast food binge.  Normally, my Supersize Me binges only last for two or three days at a time, but right after Thanksgiving week, I started jury duty.  There are, literally, only fast food places to eat around the courthouse so my fast food binge has lasted for two meals a day for two full weeks (I know, you're thinking, "Two meals?"  Yum … fast food breakfast!!!). 

Wow!  Can I just say that it is SHOCKING how fast you can revert to being the fat kid that you were in high school by eating a sustained diet of fast food? I was a fat kid. Objectively, I'm no longer a fat person, but still bear the fat kid scars in the space between my ears.  My fat kid scarring came from things like having to shop for my back-to-school pants in the "husky" (aka: fat kid) section at Sears. When I graduated from high school I was three inches shorter and 50lbs heavier than I am now.  In college I made my outer body "un-fat" by working out compulsively six days a week.  I had a debate tournament to go to on Saturday so I didn't get a work out in, but that is the first workout I missed in, like, six months.

Having to get out my fat pants (which are these ugly brown things) is, for me, kind of like when a drug addict hits bottom.  I'm now back on the bandwagon. NO MORE JUNQUE FOOD!!!  The horrible thing about fat cells, though, is that they seem to enlarge about six times faster than they shrink so the painful die with a t process will have to last well into the new year which pretty much sucks.

I hate dieting, but I hate how I feel when I'm chunky boy even worse.  Screw you, fat cells!!!  Screw you!!!

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4 thoughts on “on fat pants …

  1. ahhh! I hate fat pants! But hello! you are like one of the fittest human beings I know so I'm sure it will not last that long…though today I did drive by the Fatburger and I thought.."oh I want a hamburger for breakfast…" so yeah…Good luck and will that fricking case end already please!

  2. Oh man, do I ever hear you loud and clear!! I spent over three years losing over 30 lbs. and it's absolutely killing me that I've gained back about 10 of them. And, it's so frelling unfair that a bit of bad eating over one weekend will cause me to gain three pounds when it literally takes me 6 months to LOSE three pounds.

  3. You make it so hard to just feel sorry for you cause I'm laughing so hard! I think we're all chunky kids during the holidays though. I do remember well, the days of having to shop with my mom for my brother's "husky" pants at Sears! I wonder if anyone besides Sears sells "husky" pants because I think we're going to need to purchase some for my husband! lol

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