on really crappy broadband …

I hate Time Warner Cable. 

I am one of the customers in Los Angeles that got caught up in some kind of customer swap that happened between Time Warner and my former broadband provider, Comcast.  When Comcast was my provider I had lightning fast access that almost never ever went down.  Around Thanksgiving of last year when they began our wonderful migration to Time Warner we got HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, SLOW, and ALMOST NON-EXISTENT broadband access.  Customers got angry to the point that there were blurbs in the L.A. Times and some of the other papers in the area about people wanting to file class action suits.  Our service slowly improved to the point that around the new year, I got to the point of being a marginally satisfied customer.  My broadband speed does not seem to ever have returned to the speeds and consistency that I had under Comcast, but it was tolerable.  Now, however, my service has again gone in the crapper.  Our access seems to bog down in the evening and on weekends which makes sense since there are a lot of people online during those times, but seeing as I am one of plebians who has to work during the day … I WANT TO BE ABLE TO USE THE BROADBAND THAT I PAY FOR AT NIGHT AND ON WEEKENDS!!! 


I complain a lot about stuff (like you haven't noticed …), but I rarely get to the point where I am pissed off about stuff to actually DO something, but I'm pretty much at the end of my rope with this.  It is time to shop around, sign on with DSL or a dish, and give Time Warner my best one fingered salute!!!

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2 thoughts on “on really crappy broadband …

  1. Hmmmm…. We're having problems too now for some reason. We just got high speed last year but we had to go through our cable (Charter) because DSL wasn't available where we live and it was too expensive through Dish. For some reason, at night and on the weekends, we get booted off. 2 of us can't be on the internet at the same time.

  2. OMG! I love that picture! LOL! Sorry about your boardband. That sucks. I have DSL and I cannot complain. It rarely is ever down and though cable is fast, I do not see much of a difference anymore.

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