on taking action…

So… I voted in the election. My side lost. I can spend the next 4 years being mad on social media or I can get off my ass and do stuff.

I used to joke about my:


Yet, clearly, the outcome of my efforts were not desirable–not good for my wellbeing…

Therefore, I am turning over a new leaf. Here’s the playbook I am following and YOU can, too!


If you aren’t “good with words” there is a two sentence script to use when you call your City Council rep, your School Board rep, your Congress person, your Senator, your Governor, your mayor, or your elected dog catcher…


Want to learn more? There is more information about finding your government representatives’ contact information, what to say, etc. here: 100 Calls 100, Days Campaign.

I’m going to participate in my governance! I hope you will too!

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