what do you do when all of your tools are broken?

I’ve been trying to make some sense of the election in terms the the work that I do. I’m stuck. It feels like all of our tools are broken.

How do you begin to teach kids about media literacy when the PEOTUS is the source of the lie? The fact that the PEOTUS is tweeting lies is, in fact, news of quite some significance so it should be reported. Which further spreads the lie.

  • Don’t get your news via Facebook, kids. It’ll leave you in a filter bubble with walls so thick you won’t know that Donald Trump is going to win.
  • Don’t rely on Twitter, kids. An automated army of bots is out there doing their masters’ bidding–very, very well, apparently.
  • Rely on the the traditional press, kid, no wait, they’re getting it wrong, too…

Here is a thread that came my way via Clive Thompson from Wired.

Actually, you know what, kid? I don’t know what the hell to tell you. All your tools are broken. I’m so sorry that my generation has left you with this steaming pile of crap…

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