on WTF?


So … Services are SO efficient these days!

Yay! Self-checkout at the store! Woohoo! (But really, I’m doing what someone used to do for me…Thanks for jack crap!).


I need to register the car I shipped from CA to HI in Hawaii. To get a registration, I need a safety check, but to get a safety check, I need a registration. So I have to go to a station, fail a safety check, take the failed paperwork to a City Hall, get a registration, then GO BACK to the station to get a sticker. Have IT ppl in Hawaii never heard of databases?


Now Oceanic Time Warner Cable (the ever LOVELY AT&T) can’t seem to figure out how to change a California billing address to a Honolulu address WHERE THE SERVICE IS ACTUALLY DELIVERED. Go to Oceanic office where nice woman clicks away at a computer and “takes care of it” but doesn’t. Bill still goes to LA. Go online. Before ever going down to the Oceanic Office, I had done address change online in the profile>billing address field so it had already been changed under “Billing Address” in the profile. Bill still goes to LA. Call. Wait on hold. On hold. On hold. On hold. Lady gets error message. She’ll call me back after she talks to supervisor. Calls me back. She can’t fix it. I need to talk to “bulk department.”

Lady: “Can I transfer you to the bulk department?”
Me: “Yes, please.”
Lady: “They’re closed because it’s Saturday.”
Me (sighing): Is there a case number that I should refer to when I call them back?”
Lady: “No, you just call us back and we’ll transfer you.”

I ask again:


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