on living for the weekend and Sunday evening dread …

When I was a kid, the six o’clock news used to come on, on Sunday nights. The KGMB news used to have this jingle that went, “One of the good things about Hawaii is KGMB…”

I hated that jingle!  I didn’t hate it because it was horrible or anything, but remember hating the fact that I almost always got a stomach ache when that jingle came on, on Sundays because it meant that the weekend was over and that I’d have to go to school the next day. Going to school the next day was almost always made worse because more often than not I had lied to my mom about having finished all of my homework for Monday which meant a lot of desperate scrambling between my 7:15 drop off at school and the first bell at 8:10.

Anyway, I don’t usually have homework anymore and I actually have a job that I very much enjoy, but I still get that sad feeling of dread on Sunday evenings.  It got me thinking, tonight, about why it is that I dread the end of my weekends. What is it about my weekends that I love so very much? Well, this weekend, I took my mom out for lunch at Highway Inn (highly recommended, but not if you are one of the many, many people in Hawaii doing the Purium 10-day Transformation cleanse); I had dinner with my mom and brother’s family tongiht; and in between, I watched 11 episodes of season 1 of ABC’s Revenge on Netflix.

As you can probably guess, I’m not exactly the most “active” guy ever. My friend Anna recently stated, “The sloth is my spirit animal.” You know, I think I’d have to concur. The sloth is my spirit animal, too … and that is why I dread Sunday evenings.

Yeah … This is pretty much me on every weekend.

How much longer until I can retire and have six Saturdays and a Sunday?

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