on love-hate retail relationships …

Don Quijote HawaiiI have this weird love-hate relationship with the Don Quijote stores in Hawaii. I find myself wandering the aisles of Don Quijote on Kaheka St. surprisingly frequently.  I mean, where else can do one-stop shopping to find:

  • a set of Sony RF wireless headphones so your mom can hear her TV in the nursing home
  • a reusable lunch bag
  • a golden-dewlicious hybrid melon
  • one of those kitchen towels your mom used to wipe the counters down
  • Pic-brand roach killing boric-acid
  • tonkatsu sauce

There was a time a long, long time ago when I would have said, “Longs Drugs,” but now that Longs Drugs in Hawaii are really CVS stores in disguise, they are mere shadows of their former one-stop shopping retail glory.

I LOVE that about Don Quijote. The weird thing, though, and the thing I seem to hate about the place is that it is the most ODDLY organized store in the history of retail stores.  You have to just wander around until you find the things you need because if there IS some organizing principle about how products in Don Quijote are organized, I don’t get it.


A few things to know:

  • Their custard pie has been my favorite for years, but last week somebody forgot to set a timer and every single one on display in the case was burnt so let the buyer beware!
  • Everybody’s elderly mom, dad, and calabash uncles and aunties also shop at Don Quijote and, you know, they’re all getting up there in years so the parking lot is SUPER DANGEROUS. Watch out!
  • Tuesdays are Senior Discount days–10% off! DON’T GO HERE ON TUESDAYS!!!

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