on why i think undecided voters at this point are probably lame …

'Voting' photo (c) 2010, League of Women Voters of California LWVC - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

So … Tonight’s Presidential “Debate” is a town-hall style affair.  From what I read, there will be about 80 “undecided” voters in the audience and these “undecideds” will have an opportunity to ask questions of each of the candidates.  Here’s the thing, though, and maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t have much confidence in a voter that is undecided at this point in this particular election cycle.  More than in any Presidential election since I started voting, the policy positions of the candidates stand in very clear relief. How frigging much more information do people need?

I very strongly suspect that folk who are undecided at this point are emotional voters. “I want to feel like I’d enjoy having a beer with the guy I’m going to vote for …” and that kind of bullshit.  What the fuck?!?!?  I couldn’t care less about liking the guy or not.  Do the policies he is likely to push forth make my life and the lives of Americans better.  That’s what matters.  That information is out there.  So stop being a dumbass and make up your frigging feeble minds already, people.

In the last election cycle, I distinctly remember watching an interview with a voter who said about Sarah Palin, “I think Sarah is just like me, so I think she’d do a good job running the country.”  What the fuck, right?  I mean, really, I would rank myself among the bottom-half in intelligence among the people that I teach with, but for sure I’m smarter than Sarah Palin and I want myself NOWHERE NEAR the Presidency!!!  I want people WAY smarter there!!!  That is the kind of dumbass emotional voter bullshit that I’m talking about.

Luckily, Romney, Ryan, Obama, and Biden all strike me as WAY smarter than, fucking, Sarah Palin so while I might be disappointed in the direction the Nation might move in should the Romney/Ryan ticket win, but at least I don’t have to be terrified of the likes of fucking Sarah Palin.

Anyway, so again, if you’re undecided, you’re probably lame and I really don’t care much about what you are going to ask so… I’m going out to dinner tonight.

I’m just saying …

3 thoughts on “on why i think undecided voters at this point are probably lame …

  1. I am not undecided, I just won’t be voting for either of the two people involved in the debates. While I agree their retorhic is very different, I don’t really see them as being very different where the rubber hits the road. Take Obama for instance. On the surface, very different from Bush. But he has followed the Bush roadmaps/taken credit for withdrawl in iraq, the economic recovery plan, and he got involved in other middle east crisis. He ended don’t ask don’t tell at the pentagon’s request, and Bush might not have done that or he might of, and he tried to implement Obamacare, but that has been all over the place and who knows if it will actually ever become a reality. They all want to tax, they all want to spend. None of them want to make hard decisions. All any of them care about is poll numbers. They will do what is popular and not what is right.

    I think Palin is an idiot and shouldn’t be in charge of a state let alone a country, but I also don’t equate intelligence with the ability to run a country. At least not in a traditional IQ sense. I think it takes a different kind of intelligence that doesn’t necessarily correlate with what us Southerners call “book learnin.” I really hate to see people with law degrees run for office as I think those people are the worst suited to govern (IMHO).

    Hope you plan to sign up and participate in my Scare Me! Blogfest.

    1. I agree with you much more than I disagree with you. I understand deciding to purposefully abstain or deciding to vote for a candidate that isn’t a Dem or GOPer. A surprising (to me at least) number of people I know are waiting for the rise of a legitimate “third party” candidate. I just still can’t understand being “undecided” in an election cycle that seems to be YEARS old at this point.

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