on lazy blogging …

Summer is here. I have time on my hands so there is no excuse as to why I haven’t been posting other than being lazy. It just seems so much easier to Tweet stuff and be done with it, right?

Anyway, I’m going to try and be better about posting. Significant Other and I are ensconced at our place in Brooklyn. We have the place to ourselves for the first time in the four years that we’ve owned it. It’s a three bedroom place. We’ve always kept the master for ourselves and sublet the rest of the place. It was an arrangement that worked out wonderfully until the end of last summer. We spent June in NYC, then went on to Hawaii. While here, we shared the unit with our tenant and all seemed well. When we were in Hawaii, however, we got a call that there was a hostage situation in our condo and the NYPD Swat team had closed off the street and was entering our unit. As it turned out, thankfully, there was no hostage situation. Unfortunately, they ripped a huge hole in the metal front door, went down the fire escape from above and broke through the windows to storm the place. When they entered the space they found our tenant ODed on cocaine. He had gotten high and called to tell the police that he was being held hostage. Sigh …

Anyway, thankfully, he’s since cleaned himself up and moved on and we’ve decided we’d like to take a break from renters for a bit so we’re in the process of furnishing the place comfortably–but also for as cheaply as possible within reason. The thing is that furnishing a place all at once sure does add up quickly!

We got here last Saturday and so far we’ve shelled out for a sofa, a coffee table, a cabinet bed, mini-blinds, dishes, glassware, two accent chairs, and many sundry items like Windex, and ice trays. It’s exciting, but it sure is also sticker-shock inducing.

The sofa and coffee table arrive tomorrow. The accent chairs got ordered today so they’ll be here in 5-10 business days. The cabinet bed (like a Murphy bed, but not attached to the wall) has to be manufactured so it’ll be ready to be delivered and installed sometime next week. All that’s really left for biggish purchases is that I need to find a funky shag rug or something for the living room.

It won’t be high end, but it’ll be comfortable enough for a place that we really only use a few weeks a year.

It’s exciting to get it all in place fairly quickly so that we can enjoy it with friends and family over the course of the next few years!