on dancing with who … ? (Updated!)

I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars. I’ve never watched Dancing with the Stars, well, except for one episode when I was visiting over at my mom’s house and Stacy Keibler, who has apparently since become George Clooney’s lady of choice, did some pretty awesome dancing.

The thing is, when the show first started, at least I knew who the “stars” were. This morning, the KTLA Hollywood reporter guy gave a recap of last night’s Dancing with the Stars show and I had no idea at all, who the three remaining “stars” were.

Therefore, I am proposing a new show probably most appropriate for a niche cable channel high up on the dial. “Dancing with the Minor Internet Celebrity.” I know that I won’t making it on the show in the first few seasons, I mean, I’m not season one talent like Clay Shirky, Daniel Pink, or danah boyd.  I’m not even season two caliber talent like Vicki Davis (the Cool Cat Teacher blogger) or Joyce Valenza (who needs no introduction, at least in the library world because she’s like Zac Efron … everywhere…), but heck, I have thirteen followers on Twitter and three followers on my blog so I might be good for a run in, say, season twelve?

Important update:

Crap!!! One of the three readers of this blog has informed me that somebody stole my idea!!!  FML!!!

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