on spring break springing …

As I write this, I’m winging my way across the Pacific on a Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 and we’re 38 minutes out if Honolulu. I seem to have these bizarre episodes whenever I fly by myself. Tonight, a lady sitting across the aisle from me started to feel woozy so the flight attendants had to ask for medical personnel to identify themselves to the crew to help out. They quickly put her on oxygen. They figured out that she and her husband had been en route from the UK and had been traveling for more than 30 hours. They started hurrahing her and raised her blood sugar with some orange juice and she, thankfully, started to feel better after a bit.

It certainly made me realize that when you are in a tin can in the sky, an hour and a half from the nearest airport, you really don’t have many options. Thank goodness that the flight crew was well trained and the medical professionals from a paramedic, to a nurse, to a physician came forward to help.

It was a rather scary way to start my spring break, so I’m just thankful that it seems to have ended well.

Virgin America is still probably my favorite airline, buy I do have to say that on my two last trips home, Hawaiian Air has given them a run for their money. Nice flight crews, they still serve complimentary meals, and the planes that they fly between LAX to HNL are brand new. I’d actually have put the two in a tie, but the the second leg in a row, my fancy in-seat entertainment system hasn’t worked. All in all though, Hawaiian is a pretty darn good airline!

We’re on final approach! My brother and niece are coming to pick me up. Spring Break has sprung!!!

My broadband Internet gets installed on Monday. Wish me luck!!!