on being an angry asian guy …

In case you are not aware, a GOP candidate from Michigan ran the horribly racist ad that I posted about previously and  found here during the Super Bowl (the ad, apparently, only ran in Michigan).


Well, in the days that followed it has just gotten worse.  As controversy over his ad has grown Mr. Hoekstra has defended his ad, apparently telling Lou Dobbs that, “ “There’s nothing in here that has a racial tint at all.”



As an Asian-American, I feel that Mr. Hoekstra and others like him who hope to achieve elected office by vilifying Asians, must learn that there is a real price to pay with this kind of racist political pandering.  Further, I think that it is important to demonstrate that we are willing to be spiteful with our dollars (yes, saying that makes me feel better already).  There really has to be a price for Mr. Hoekstra to pay.  


Information about his opponent, Debbie Stabenow’s, voting record can be found here from Project Vote Smart and On the Issues.


I urge you to consider making a protest donation to Debbie Stabenow’s re-election campaign.


Donations can me made at the Contribute|Stabenow for Senate website.


Please pass this on to people you think might be of like mind.


Yes, I am this crazy! 🙂

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