on cold days in the city …

At JFK Airport for our Virgin America (the best American Airline I ever fly) flight back from NYC to Lala Land. It’s been a fun trip in spite of being sick with my crazy cold and my back going out. My cold actually has finally waned which is an incredible relief, but my back has decided to act up a bit so this has been a bit of a trip for the record books.

The weather has been cold … Like in the teens cold … But it’s been clear and gorgeous! Being from Hawaii, I actually really love when I get to wear my cold weather gear so it’s been perfect in my book.


Yesterday, we had a leisurely brunch in Manhattan then went to see Book of Mormon, which I really loved. After the play we met up with friends from our building in Brooklyn and had dinner at a wonderful restaurant in Park Slope that specializes in organic locally grown and sourced foods. It really was a wonderful day!



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