on christmas toys for little (and big) boys …

This post was almost called the Helios-21 rises again!  Read on to find out why …

Sorry the video is formatted so strangely. It’s the first time I’ve ever shot video with my iPhone so I guess I need to adjust the settings.

Uncle Ambookgeek is NOT a great gift giver.  Years ago, he conceded the “Best Gift Giving Uncle of All Time” title to Uncle N. Uncle N., truly, is one of the world’s greatest gift givers of all time.  Year after year, Uncle N. finds THE right gift for each and every member of the family!

This year, Uncle N. gave one of my nieces and my nephew helium-filled, remote controlled balloons.  My niece got a rainbow fish and my nephew got a great white shark.  Of course, the remote controlled balloons were THE hit of the season!!!

Notice that in the video, however ,the one playing with Helium shark is actually Uncle Significant Other, who, it turns out, got a helium-filled blimp when he was just about my nephew’s age which was, “Probably my favorite Christmas gift ever …”  Uncle Significant Other, truly has been a good boy this year (and for the past decade, if you ask me) so he’s entitled to play with the Helios-21 flying shark all he wants.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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