on plain, plane food …

In November, I flew back to Honolulu to spend Thanksgiving with my family and I had a bit of a snit on the plane when they ran out of food on my flight. I chronicled the whole grumpy sordid saga in this post.  Anyway, me being me, I was so damned busted!  On my flight back to LaLa Land, one of the non-glam flight attendants remembered me.  I apologized for being grumpy and she was really nice about the whole thing.

Flash forward a month.  Significant Other and I flew back to Honolulu for Christmas break.  We flew, again, on a Delta Flight.  The plane was one of Delta’s ancient models which, according to one flight attendant I chatted with on one of my flights a while ago, isn’t unusual because it is one of the least profitable routes the company flies.  We flew on free tickets that we had booked, I think, in January or February of last year.  This trip, however, was sure a lot more comfortable and pleasant.  First, we flew on a two-aisle 767 instead of the dreaded single aisle 757 (aka, the most horribly uncomfortable plane ever designed).

So this time around, I did get food! Significant Other and I each ordered a fruit and yogurt parfait and a breakfast sandwich.  Here’s the thing (and you HAD to know there was going to be a “thing,” right?).  Take a look at the picture of the fruit parfait in the Delta menu and take a look at the fruit parfait that landed on my  tray table.

Really though, even though it wasn’t the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, I do have to say that, damn, that yogurt was delicious!  Fresh fruit and full fat yogurt goodness!!!

Then I saw this rainbow outside the window! 

It’s nice to be home.

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