on presidential visits …

I just got home from the gym.  Traffic was CRAZY!!!  Why?  The President is in town.

Not to sound too jaded or anything, but over the years living in Lala Land I’ve become accustomed to Presidential visits and their effects.  I work at a school that is located adjacent to Westwood and Bel Air.  Given the zip code, presidents past and present seem to like to visit to do fund raising.  President Bush used to come to turn wealthy conservative donors upside down and shake them until large sums of money fell out of their pockets.  President Obama comes to town to turn wealthy liberal donors upside down and shake them until large sums of money fall out of their pockets in pretty much the same way.

During these visits, I’m used to running into street closures and traffic delays on my commute home from work as my daily commute takes me down Rodeo Drive and past the Beverly Wishire Hotel where either the big wigs themselves or members of their entourages seem to like to stay.  Today, however, the traffic closures were, literally, right in my neighborhood!

The President made an unscheduled stop at a historic and famous dive called Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles and … Roscoe’s is a two minute walk from my house!  Yes, the President eats in the ‘hood!!!  Believe me, I don’t exactly live in a luxe neighborhood.  It’s a growingly nice place to live, but it certainly is a tad bit short of “arriving” as one of LA’s most desirable places to live.

Welcome to town, Mr. President. Please do your best to leave  early enough tomorrow that you don’t mess up my commute home! Thanks!

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