on everything AND the kitchen sink …

I watch an alarming number of home designing, home renovation, and real estate television shows.  Part of my interest in the shows is genuinely about the concepts and the design of the spaces themselves, but I’d be lying if I said that part of my enjoyment wasn’t about looking on with righteous indignation at the people on the shows who spend too much on their renovations or on their appliances, or on their home purchases.  In one episode of House Hunters International, for example, one couple went over their $500,000 budget by … $200,000!!!  WTF?!?!? How on Earth, does one go over budget by $200,000?!?!?!

Anyway, I just figured out how these budgets can so easily snowball.  We recently purchased a compact dish washer to install in our teeny tiny little kitchen.  Well, as I’ve passionately HATED the shallow 7″ deep sink in our kitchen, we decided to spend a little bit on a nicer sink, since, “the plumber was going to be in to install the dishwasher. It just made sense to do the sink all at once.”  Well the bottom line is that we now have a $249 white caste iron sink sitting in the kitchen waiting to be installed.

I didn’t NEED a new sink, but gosh, it’ll sure be nice to have one!!! Nine inches deep!!!  Woohoo!!!

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