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My pal Jan001 over at the CreakyGeek blog has a post pointing to a great site featuring members of the U.S. military returning home to their families.  Please take a look and pass it on!

cry for happy

If you’re as ancient antique old well-seasoned as I am, you’ve got to remember this iconic photo from 1973:

You might also remember POW bracelets, bands of metal with the names of American POWs, including their branch of service and the dates they went missing. I wore one for Lt. Col. Sam Jayroe, USAF, who was shot down and captured. I remember a few years later sitting transfixed in front of the TV, as the news carried live the POWs leaving the planes and returning home. I actually saw “my” POW, a man I’d never met and never would meet, getting off the plane. I remember taking my bracelet off for the first time ever since 1971 and later I sent it to him, via the organization that was providing them for anyone who wanted them. I got a nice letter from him in return …

more via cry for happy « CreakyGeek.

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