on parking …

20111008-145728.jpgBeing that it is haircut Saturday, I headed East to downtown Lala Land where I get my hair cut for all of $6.00. Understand that I’m a middle-aged man with thinning hair so the whole razor cut $100 Lala Land coif really isn’t something that I need to splurge on.

Anyway, I parked at one of the metered stalls and was thrilled to find out that the meter was jammed so it wouldn’t take any more coins. Free parking!!! Woohoo!!! For someone who gets his hair cut for $6.00, this is a Martha Stewart-like “good thing!” Here’s the thing though, the new meters in downtown Lala Land take credit and debit cards so if the coin slots are jammed you either swipe or risk a ticket.

Damn you, technological progress!!! Damn you!!!

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