on the end of empires …

I’ve just been watching the News Hour. Oh my goodness, so much bad news!

The economy is in the crapper. The hapless Democratic Party couldn’t find a decent candidate to run for Anthony Weiner’s seat in a district where they hold a 3:1 registration advantage over Republicans and they LOST the seat. The College Board announced that SAT scores of last year’s senior class were the lowest in a decade so we have to revamp our economy with stoooopider pepl becuz thay went to skool wit 50 kidz in they’re avance plasment clas.


The end of the empire sure has come a lot faster than I had expected it to.  The Roman Empire had massive debt and fought wars far away that they couldn’t pay for so they fell. The British Empire had massive debt and fought wars in far away India and Vietnam and ended up a pygmy shell of their former Empire selves. Well … It sure does look like our time has come.  We have friggin’ massive debt and we’ve been fighting wars n far off Afghanistan and Iraq for a decade. We’ve done it to ourselves and its kind of sad because it has largely been self-inflicted wounds that have put the nails in the coffin of the Empire.

There will still be a lot of good living to be had in America, but life for those in the bottom half is not going to be good.  It sure is looking like Barack is going to be Jimmy Carter II and be a one-termer.  There was a chance to reform this gilded age but I’m beginning to realize that he was probably the wrong President to do that. We needed an FDR who had the political instinct to vilify his opponents and ram through reforms rather than to hold hands and sing Kumba Ya in a purple America.  It really looks to me like that window is now closed and the champions of the wealthy have set an agenda that will keep us on this path of gross inequity in America.  It is, truthfully, in my best economic self-interests, yet it makes me sad to see people who can’t get medical care.

Frankly, though, if President Mit or President Rick or President Michele give waiver to the health care mandate, I hope they also drop the requirement for emergency rooms to treat people even if they have no insurance. You get the America you vote for so if you want to be rugged individualists, you should have to live the with the consequences of rugged individualism.  I have medical insurance. Don’t make me pay for your emergency room care if you opt out of the system and go get your leg set by the witch doctor down the street. Just remember, I’m voting Democratic and I tried to help.

Good luck to all of you low income Tea Partyists!  I hear the emergency rooms in Texas are all going broke and having to close so if you vote Republican, remember, I told you so … Yee haw!!!

Democratic Party, get your crap together! Geez, seriously!!!

President Obama and team, stop shooting yourselves in the foot! Really?!?! Politically you take a beating on the debt ceiling debate, then you actually let Boehner win AGAIN by asking to address Congress only to have him say, “NO!” and force you to look like you’re taking crumbs?!?! Really?!?!? How politically bone headed can you be? Isn’t a Chief-of-Staff supposed to figure crap like that out before you let the President look like a second rate fool?!?!? Geez!!!

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