on negotiating skills …

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Uh … so recently I’ve been really annoyed by some gay activist, like Lieutenant Dan Choi who get all uppity and criticizes President Obama over his gay rights agenda.  Really Dan, saying that you’re looking for a Republican to back really just makes you look like a little petulant ass.  You need to cut that bullshit out right now.   You know as well as I do, that if you get even small percentages of gays to feel unmotivated to get the President re-elected and they stay home only to have any of the currently viable Republicans win, we’re totally screwed.   So again, stop being such a little baby ass and learn some patience. You may not have gotten what you wanted as quickly as you wanted it, but ultimately DADT is going to die.  That’s a win.

On the other hand, the President’s really bad negotiating skills are really getting on my nerves.  Seriously, is it just me, or does it seem like the President is so damned eager to make nice with John Boehner that he goes in and lays out his middle of the road proposal.  Boehner then counters with his totally fucked up extremist counter proposal then the President proceeds to negotiate from there so Republicans (who control 33% of the government in Washington) get, like 80% of their agenda and Democrats take our crumbs.


Seriously, I’m a really crappy negotiator, but I’m beginning to think that had the President become a car salesman, I’d really have liked to negotiate with him on price.  It’d look like this:

Obama: “The car lists for $30,000, but I think I can get you a deal at $21,000 out the door.”

Me: “I’ll give you a dollar.”

Obama: “Errr … How about $10.00?”

Me: “DEAL!!!”

Okay, so not really, he’s obviously a super smart guy and I’m happy that he’s my President rather than … Ugh … “President McCain and Vice-President Palin.” (What a fucking nightmare of a ticket, huh?).  But really, Mr. President, the whole Kumbaya strategy needs to be scrapped.  Time to get some balls of steel and swing ’em around a bit!!!  Just enough to make Mr. Boehner cry (and that shouldn’t be too hard to do …).


One thought on “on negotiating skills …

  1. Call & response:
    “Whadda we want?”
    “[insert cause here, yelled loudly by many people]!”
    “When do we want it?”
    Yeah, good chant but I don’t think it’s ever really been very effective.

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