on sheer frigging awesomeness … !

In the olden days before the advent of on-demand everything, there was a certain (probably greatly romanticized) joy in listening to the radio for hours on end waiting for your favorite song to play.  As an older child, I remember sitting with my friends in my dad’s Buick Cutlass Supreme parked in the garage and pressing on one of the five preset channels on the radio and watching the red station indicator mechanically slide across the radio faceplate from station to station in search of my favorite tunes.

Because I had much older brother and sister who both listened to the radio a great deal, I do have some very early memories of listening to the radio and the joy you felt when your favorite song came on.  One of my earliest favorite songs, based on the release date, I’m guessing that I was in pre-school, was this wonderfully cheerful all time great!

Enjoy! I’ve been playing and re-playing it for about twenty-minutes! Sometimes on-demand is great too …

Did you have other “sunshine pop” favorites?

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