on olly olly oxen free …

I came across this very interesting blurb at the Towleroad blog.  The census statistics really make you think, don’t they?  If the pop culture estimates attributed to the Kinsey Report (I didn’t bother to try to verify what the Kinsey Report actually says) that anywhere between 5%-15% of the population is gay, think about what that means.  Even if the number were at the low end at 5%, that means that there are likely to be more Gay-Americans than Asian-Americans.  I hadn’t ever thought about it before, but how else could you explain how the change in Americans’ attitudes about gays has changed so rapidly?  As people began talking about sexual orientation, I think that a lot of Americans have come to realize that their beloved friends and beloved family members are, indeed, GAY (capitalized because it no longer has to be whispered)!!!

clipped from www.towleroad.com

 roadCensus: Homes with same-sex couples in Maine have grown 60
percent over the last decade
. “
All told, same-sex households account for
about 1 in 100 of Maine’s 557,219 homes, similar to data previously released in Vermont and released Thursday in New Hampshire.”

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