on strange love …

Each summer I seem to find a TV series that becomes my all consuming obsession.  Two summers ago, it was the series All About Brian, a show about a big group of disfunctional friends.  Last summer, it was Mad Men, a show about disfunctional advertising executives in the 1950s. This summer, my obsession is all about the show Brothers and Sisters.  One thing about television obsessions is that when you watch them either on DVD or streaming on Netfli, you tend to watch them marathon style.  When you watch episodes back-to-back rather than having a week in between as they were designed to be watched, the characters impact you in a very different way.

I think I need to take a little holiday from my Brothers and Sisters viewing because, well, the characters are driving me nuts.  As Brothers and Sisters, they are written so that they must tell each other everything. When you watch the episodes all in a row, their actions get so magnified that they end up feeling like a bunch of mentally ill people or at the very least people with emotional intelligence quotients so low that they could not possibly function normally in society.  Yikes people!!! Get a filter …

Anyway … It’s a good thing that they’re fake characters.  I do need to find out what happens to them by the end of the summer, but I just need a bit of a vacay from their drama and trauma.


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