on HOLY jeez … !

I’m completely terrified of reptiles.  The reptile house at the San Diego Zoo was a relative nightmare for me even with the ginormous pythons and humongous Komodo dragons behind inches-thick pieces of glass.

This, however, appears to be my absolute worst nightmare of a tour!  WTF?!?!?

clipped from news.ninemsn.com.au

Croc stunt pic causes concern on NT river

A stunning snap of a huge leaping crocodile has caused a stir among Northern Territory tour guides, who claim the stunt is “disturbing and dangerous”.

Concerned observers said the image of the 5.5m saltie, named Brutus, attacking a slab of meat demonstrates a worrying trend among some operators who want to give tourists a closer experience with nature.

Northern Territory tour guides labelled the stunt as
Northern Territory tour guides labelled the stunt as “disturbing and dangerous”. (Newspix)

Tour operator Tony Blums, owner of the Jumping Crocodile Cruises on the Adelaide River, said the leaping crocodile stunt was staged in a way that was irresponsible and risked lives.

“They are very gung-ho. The croc is far too big for the size of the boat they are approaching it with.

“It is disturbing. A croc that size can fully flick itself up onto the boat from there, and that would cause some panic.”

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