on waning days …

It was the most humid day of any since we arrived in the city almost three weeks ago. We went to the gym, then went over to see a friend’s new a condo in Fort Greene. The Fort Greene neighborhood is one of the real up and coming areas of Brooklyn much like Williamsburg was thought to be a few years ago. K’s one bedroom, one bath place I’m a beautiful new building is gorgeous.

After seeing K’s place we set off on a pilgrimage to Four and Twenty Blackbirds Whig is a specialty pie place in Brooklyn. I had been there once before, but that time they didn’t have any apple pie which is my go to pie so I had to return for a second attempt. I ordered a salted caramel apple pie Whig was divine!!! The top crust was so flakey and fresh that it made crunching sounds when you cut into it like a sound effect on tv!!! Last time around I tried a piece of chess pie which is hard to describe and it was delicious, but the apple was worth the trip back. S/O had a piece of rhubarb crumble that as delicious as well.

We ended the day with a trip out to Bethpage on Long Island for dinner at the home of friends. P. Cooked up a great Martha Stewart recipe–chicken and chorizo paella. It was scrumptious and we had a really nice dinner in their back yard under a beautiful maple tree.

A nice way to spend a day, that’s for certain!


2 thoughts on “on waning days …

  1. Hi Budd,

    Yeah, posting from my phone for the past few days. My laptop died. Luckily it is school issued so our IT guys will het me on a new box when I get back to LA on Friday.

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