on how to end on a high note …

We’re ending our day and, indeed, our time in New York at the Yankees-Brewers game. As you can see, I’m such a huge baseball fan that I’m posting to my blog as AJ Burnett has just thrown out he first pitch. The pilgrimage to the home of the Evil Empire, though, is really more of a cultural experience than a sports one. It’s one of the things we always do when we’re in the city. Yankee fans sure are tough on their own players, along the lines of “Come on ya bum, how frigging much do you get paid? Dive for the f*#%king ball!!!”

Earlier today we went to the Vernon House Hotel and Museum. It is a 1800s era carriage house that has been restored to the time period when it Served as a day hotel for rich New Yorkers (think day spa, not rooms rented Ny the hour). It was on the very chic chic upper east side so we got to stool around with he professional dog walkers. I really wish that I was filthy rich and could have a professional dog nanny and live with all the other rich people. I’ve decided that I really don’t need to work to be a fulfilled human being. I’d just buy a lot of stuff I didn’t need in order to fill the void in my life and num the loneliness.

Anyway, we followed that up with a do over at the Shake Shack where I had he exact same thing that I did last week. It was such a satisfying meal, there was no need to experiment.

After lunch we stepped he Highline which is this really cool park built on some old, unused railroad tracks. It’s the kind of public space that New York has that is like nothing I’ve ever seen anywhere else.

Finally, here I am at Yankee Stadium.

What a way to say goodbye to NYC until next time. We fly out of JFK tomorrow at noon.


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