on overpriced goodness …

I was feeling a bit blue today. This is totally just whining, but I frigging hate when technology doesn’t work. Interestingly, I don’t mind not having technology, but once I have it, I frigging hate it when it doesn’t work. Anyway, my laptop died in the midst of my online class. It is actually a school laptop so ultimately I’ll get it replaced by our school’s Computer Services guys next Friday when I get home to LA, but it made me grumpy today.

I mostly took it easy today and stayed in bed until pretty late. I got to the gym, then S/O took me to one of my favorite burger joints in Brooklyn Hts. (where the Cosby’s were supposed to have lived and it is gorgeous there). The place is called the Grand Canyon Cafe and they really do make a MEAN burger!!!

After lunch S/O went to take a nap and I went into the city to find an Apple Store so I could find out what to do about my iTunes account that was the laptop that croaked. Sorry to say, but the Apple “Genius” that I met with really deserved the quotes around the “Genius” title because she clearly knew less about iTunes than I (and I’ve only been an iTunes user since I got the phone a month and a half ago). The store was really sexy and beautiful and gorgeous and cool and had great air conditioning, but really… “Genius” girl was the frigging village idiot.

Anyway, it seems lucky that I am an iTunes neophyte and had very little on my iTunes because since I didn’t have anything backed up it looks like I may have to rebuild all of my iTunes stuff. I guess that is how Mr. Jobs will get many people to pay every month to keep their crap in the iCloud.

So after my disappointing foray into the Apple Store in the Big Apple, I decided to seek out the place that sells nothing, but rice pudding–Rice to Riches!

The name must refer to the owner’s business plan because this place is really horribly overpriced! But oh, so worth every frigging penny!!! I walked in and saw that a single serving was $6.75 and I turned around and wandered through some of SOHO where it is located. I finally gave in to the raving description given to the rice pudding on the Food Network and got me some pudding. Lord was it ever lusciously delicious stuff!!! I got the panna cotta rice pudding. I didn’t try anything else, but I can’t imagine anything being anymore delicious! So worth it!!!

And when I was done … I sure felt a lot less blue. Eating makes me feel better which is why I used to be so fat. Thank goodness I’m so much happier these days. It’s good for my waistline …

PS – Something else pretty amazing is that I wrote this entire post on my phone! I’m getting better with my thumbs.  I didn’t even drop my phone this time!

PPS – I also got to talk to Miss Scooterkitty for quite a bit today.  She made me laugh and be less grumpy as she usually does! 🙂


3 thoughts on “on overpriced goodness …

    1. Hey Budd,

      The Shake Shack totally lives up to all the hype and is pretty tough to beat! Runners-up are the Corner Bistro and Cozy Soup ‘n Burger in Manhattan, and Grand Canyon Cafe in Brooklyn Heights (not the one in Park Slope). I’m also totally up for any burger joint recommendations you can make!!!

  1. in New York, no clue, but if you find yourself in Nashville, you have to try Fat Mo’s. In Boston, you have to try the Rib eye burger from North 26. It is outrageously expensive, but worth it.

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