on things worse than the blue screen of death …

I’m taking an online class this summer. Things were going along swimmingly, until I started to get the blue screen of death with increasing frequency.

Well … The blue screen of death problem is no more, but that is largely because my laptop no longer will start-up at all. RIP Dell Laptop that aspired to be an Apple laptop, but never quite became an Apple other than having that sticker covering up the offending Dell medallion on the front cover. The upside is that, the laptop technically isn’t mine–it’s the school’s so Computer Services will swap out my dead box for a working one next Friday when I’m back in Lala Land.

Went to quite an exuberant Gay Pride Parade that got kind of ruined in the end because the crowd was so huge that people were pushing and shoving to get down the sidewalk to get out of the area. We were, literally, gridlocked and crushed between a building and the metal barrier set up by the NYPD. A late- twenty-something little lesbian kept pushing me from behind and we were, literally, mosh pit tight with everybody just trying to stay on their feet. Her girl friend kept yelling, “Just push, just push!!!” and they would. They were laughing as they did it so it wasn’t like they were fearful or felt threatened.

Finally, I decided that this was a case were MIGHT was gonna make right and though I am not a violent person, I pushed back at her with a decent amount of my six-foot two, one hundred eighty five pounds and said, “Stop! Somebody’s gonna fall and get trampled.” She and her girlfriend gave me the big A-Attitude, but they stopped. Geez! If you’re a tiny little lesbian, don’t be a big dick in a crowd like that. I mean, really, they were both old enough to know better and somebody was going to fall and get really badly hurt …

As much as I love NYC, the energy here really can wear you down. I need a vacation from my vacation so I’m just going to hang out at home and stay in bed until I get inspired to do something.


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