on res gestae ambookgeek (the deeds of ambookeek) …

Day two in New York:

This is our condo building in Brooklyn.

The weather is gorgeous! It was in the low 70s today.  We got up and headed over to a New York Sports Club to activate our 30-day memberships that Significant Other arranges before we get here.  NYSC lets you activate a 30-day membership once per year so it works out perfectly for us.  Their clubs are all over the city so it is nice to be able to duck in the use the bathroom or stash our bags in a locker for a day. Sometimes when it is really hot and humid out, we will duck in and grab a quick shower at one of the clubs.

Costco is Costco ...
Am I right, does it not look like every other Costco anywhere?

I forgot to get my prescription for Propecia (my vanity anti-baldness meds) before leaving LA so we went up to the Costco in Manhattan so I could get it filled which ended up being quite a fun expedition indeed.  The most amazing thing is that when you are inside a Costco whether it is in LA, Honolulu, South Florida, or New York, it looks amazingly the same!

Unfortunately not the cool original one in the park, but still awesome!
Angus burger with fried cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mushrooms! Oy!!!

After our Costco adventure, we hit the Shake Shack for a one of the most delicious burgers and shakes, I think I’ve ever had. My burger was Angus beef served on a soft fluffy bun (but which had enough integrity to hold up and make the burger hand edible until the end), and was topped by a piece of deep fried cheese, and mushrooms.  My Lord … It was to DIE for!!! The vanilla shake that accompanied it was not going to play second fiddle to the burger.  The Shake Shack makes their shakes with custard so it is rich and thick (but not too rich or too thick). About a b-million calories and WORTH EVERY ONE!!!

Uniqlo, baby!!!

Our final stop was at my favorite clothing store … Uniqlo–An amazing Japanese chain that has stylish clothes that are made well and fit well for really great prices. It is truly a pilgrimage site in NY for me.  I will be back to Uniqlo more than one or two times before I leave NY.  That is a certainty!!!

3 thoughts on “on res gestae ambookgeek (the deeds of ambookeek) …

  1. A very enjoyable travelogue! I do have one complaint, though: The photo and description of that burger? Yeah, I accidentally drooled on my keyboard a little bit. GAWD, that looks good! (Glad you’re having fun!)

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