on paper and planes …

One of my first iPhone blog pics! Woohoo!

Woohoo!!! I’m in New York City for the first time since last summer. I truly do love New York!!!

Flying is a wonderful thing. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not really that pleasant an experience, but just think … I woke up this morning in Los Angeles and barely twelve hours later, I was in Brooklyn–my bags unpacked at our condo and two pieces of cheese pizza and a diet coke in front of me for dinner! That’s really amazing when you think about it, right???

Photo courtesy: DamienOz

When flying, though, I’ve decided that old school boarding passes printed on paper are the way to go. I since I now have my fancy-schmancy new iPhone, I tried using the fancy-schmancy American Airlines app that downloads a QR code onto my phone which I used as my boarding pass. It worked great, but it caused a lot of extra stress that I don’t need when I’m at the airport. With a boarding pass printed on paper, I don’t need to have my phone out. When I go through T(eams) S(tanding) A(round) checkpoint like to take my belt, wallet, and phone and stick them in my bag so all that I have to deal with is my paper boarding pass and ID. With the mobile app, I had to have my phone out. When I got to the TSA check point, my phone timed out and I barely got a signal so it took a long while for the QR code to load. After getting past the initial check point, I then had to worry about getting my laptop out of its case, getting my shoes off, AND not losing my phone as it went through the x-ray machine. It is just one more thing that I don’t like having to worry about in the moment. It’ll be a paper boarding pass for me for the ride home.

Sometimes, the old school way (not that old, since you check-in and print out your boarding pass at home) is the way to go!

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