on miscommunication …

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Significant Other and I are getting ready to leave town, tomorrow, for most of the summer.  As there is, basically, nothing left to eat in our refrigerator we had to go out to grab a quick fast food dinner.

To put this post in context, understand, that Significant Other does NOT eat much fast food (I on the other hand, am a bit of a fast food savant … It’s one of my “things.”).  Also, know that I’m really cheap and I love using coupons as often as possible and I hate paying more for stuff than I need to.

Anyway, this is how these things play out in our household:

Me: What do you want to do for dinner tonight?

S/O: How about Jack-In-The-Box?

Me (amazed and thrilled): “Sure!!!”

S/O: Do you have a coupon for Jack-In-The-Box?

Me (holding up my Carl’s Jr. coupon book): No, I have Carl’s Junior coupons (that Miss Martini gave me), but none for Jacks … (stick coupons back in drawer)

S/O and I get in the car and head down the street, but we’re not heading toward any Jack-In-The-Box that I know of.

Me: Which Jacks are you going to?

S/O: The one near Cadillac and La Cienega.

Me: That’s a Carl’s Jr’s … Uh, you are going to have to pay for dinner …

Blerg … LOL


2 thoughts on “on miscommunication …

  1. I am saddened to say that we don’t have a Hardees or a Jack in the Box in Boston. I could really go for a $6 burger or an ultimate cheeseburger with a crappy taco on the side.

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