on childless people (who must, therefore, be dangerous) …

Another one for the WTF?!?!? file. I appreciate the desire to protect children, but people are getting nuts about it …
clipped from www.boingboing.net
Two women in Brooklyn sat down on a playground bench to eat their doughnuts. They were issued summonses by local cops for violating the playground’s “no adults without children” rule (because the way you keep children safe is to make sure that adults and children don’t come into proximity with one another, unless the adults are parents or childminders, because those people never, ever harm children, and the only reason to want to be around children is to molest them). According to the women, the cops told them they were getting off light with a court summons because the official procedure called for them to be brought in for questioning.

This cop attempted to be sympathetic. He proceeded to tell us that he was trying to be a gentleman by just giving us summonses instead of taking us in for questioning, because that was what “they” wanted him to do. If he just gave us warnings and told us to leave, he would get in trouble for “doing nothing all
day.” …
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