on copyright …

This is a really nice article on copyright, that IMHO strikes just the right town between compliance and not being a spineless victim of the for-profit publishing industry.

Amplify’d from chronicle.com

What You Don’t Know About Copyright, but Should

What You Don't Know About Copyright, but Should 1

By Jennifer Howard

If Nancy Sims had to pick one word to describe how researchers, students, and librarians feel about copyright, it would probably be “confused.”

A lawyer and a librarian, Ms. Sims is copyright-program librarian at the University of Minnesota Libraries. She’s there to help people on campus and beyond—both users and owners of protected material—understand their rights.

“I’m not sure anybody has a very good knowledge” of copyright, she says.

For instance, in a recent informal survey she conducted at the university, only 30 percent or so of the faculty respondents knew the answers to basic questions such as how one gets a copyright and how long it lasts. (Librarians did somewhat better.)

For the multitudes out there who are copyright-confused, here are some pointers Ms. Sims shared with The Chronicle.

Read more at chronicle.com


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