on the netflix revolution …

Netflix’s dominance also has something to do with Netflix treating customers like, actual, customers!!! Good service, a good product, at the right price means that you get market share …

Amplify’d from news.cnet.com

Former Blockbuster CEO tells his side of Netflix story

John Antioco, Blockbuster’s former CEO, said he and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings discussed a merger in 2007.(Credit:

One of the best stories in digital entertainment during the past decade was how Netflix wrested control of the home-video rental market from national chain Blockbuster.

Some of the main players in that race, including John Antioco, the former Blockbuster CEO, have been interviewed for a revealing new 30-minute TV documentary produced by Bloomberg.

It’s a tale told by insiders of the emergence of Netflix and the Internet as a means of video distribution. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is known for being squeamish when it comes to talking about himself and he declined to participate, but some of his former lieutenants did.

You can check out the documentary here.

Read more at news.cnet.com

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